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The 2nd Annual Quads.ca Unofficial BBQ/Camp-out/Ride

Coquihalla Area

July 21-23/07

Edited by Greg
Photos by Greg

Rather than write an actual "trip report", I'm posting comments from those who where there. The comments were all posted in the forum, so there were a lot of smiley emoticons used that I couldn't easily port over to this page. I think the event is best described by the participants.

Stories, photos, and prize-draw results are further down the page. I didn't stop to take any photos while I was riding, so they're mostly from around camp. If you'd like to see scenery and trail photos of the area, check out the 2005 trip report.

Posted by Canucklehead

There's already 26 pages of blabber just leading up to the unofficial get together, so I thought I'd start a NEW "Thank you" list so we can all gush over the magnificent work of the unofficial volunteers. I'll start throwing the bouquets.

1) Paul Mitchell...the usual tireless efforts to make it all tick. This ones for you pal.
2) Bentwheel/Tremel...AWESOME rum drinks. THANKS! Great job on the piñata organizing.
3) Piñata designer/builders. The enjoyment you gave the kids was priceless.
4) All the prize donors.
5) The behind the scene guys like Bruce and Cal (and the many others who I've obviously overlooked).
6) The WAQ guys for the phenomenal "drive-in" quad movies and slide show.
7) Tom, for the shirts and hats.
8) Greg, for hosting the website that allows us to connect.
9) All of you that showed up and were social and had a great time.

I made several new friends and we had a fabulous time. Thanks again to all. Now you know why I came home early.

I know I've missed lots, so you guys can add to the list.

Posted by Ds650Bomb

Hear Hear!!!

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend. The whole family had a blast, even though I did wind up joining the Roll-Over Club.

A special thanks to Tremel/Bentwheel for helping to encourage the wife and kids to jump on a quad for the first time. Not to mention the blender drinks!

Phoenix, thanks again for helping the kids out with their rides.

Thanks to Ed, Ian, and all the others who helped me out when the DS just wouldn't go.

Thanks, to the folks from GVPS and Sea to Sky for bringing out the demo machines.

And last but definately not least... Paul, Greg, and all others responsible for the event... Thanks for all the time and effort they put in to make this weekend as awesome as it was.

Thanks again everyone, from the Miller family!!!!!! We had a great time!

Posted by RiverRider

It was a great weekend wasn't it? Good to meet a whole bunch of new people (the DS650bomb Family included) and many old friends. It was a fun weekend of riding, relaxing, socializing, and Good times. The wife and kids had a blast! Thanks to the dealers (Sea to Sky and Greater Vancouver Powersports) for the nice T shirts. Also to GVP for the Demo of the 650 Outlander Max, what a sweet ride! Paul Mitchell and Greg Sue did a fantastic job hosting this event. The prizes were great for the kids and adults, thanks to all donators! And hi to young Lloyd from Fort St John and family. Great people, great rides, great activities for the kids made for a super good time! Thank-you all. Kevin, Melissa, Byron, and Richard Dargatz.

Posted by Paul T.

Canucklehead pretty well said it all...

Just want to add my... THANKS TO ALL... It was a great time...

A Special Thanks to Greg for creating Quads.ca, making it possible for all of us to meet online.

And a Special Thanks to Paul M. for conceiving the Larson Hill gathering...

Well Done, you two...

Posted by RideRedReynolds

As usual you Canadians showed that you know how to have a good time. Thanks to all of you for putting on this event and making us Americans feel right at home, I think a few of us even picked up an accent while we were there. Looking foward to riding and camping with you all again soon.

Posted by TheHouse

WOW Quads.ca members rule!

Where does one start to describe such an amazingly awesome weekend?

TheHouseWife and I had an absolute hoot with all of you folks that attended the 2nd Annual Unofficial QUADS.CA Weekend

A huge thanks to Paul Mitchell and Greg Sue for thier part in organizing the weekend and prizes. Well done gents

A special thanks to Tremel (aka Bentwheel) for organizing the terrific games for all the kids (including the biggest kids, the ADULTS :) ) The blender drinks were out of this world! That was a blast Tremel; great work!!

Thanks to all the sponsors / members that donated prizes for the kids and the adults prize tables. I know that our family will get a ton of use & enjoyment out of the Horseshoe Kit we won (not sure who donated it though) & we will also enjoy watching the DVD donated by the WAQ folks from Washington State. Thanks!!! :)

Thanks to Sea to Sky & GVP for bringing up the sweet demo machines (even though I never found the time to try any) they sure were nice to look at.

I would also like to thank all the folks from the Outback ATV Club for making sure everyone was having a good time. :) The kindness and hospitality shown by this amazing club was definately felt by all of us in the Explorers ATV Club. The Explorers have adopted the the Outback ATV Club as our sister club and asked them to head up the fun and games at our next get together.

Paul Mitchell led a couple of rides to Davis Lake (we went on the Thursday one) and one to Thynne Mountain which was a night ride. Thanks Paul!

Once again Dan and Terry Bott came through leading an incredible ride up to Lilly Lake and back. The ride was very hot and dusty but fun none the less! Once again I had troubles with my fan deciding not to work on one of the hottest days of the year. As usual the awesome ATVers we are blessed to ride with came through & with some trial & error got me back on the trail. Thanks to Dan, Darrell, Dan, Richard, Gerry and Randy for the help.

I'm sure in my ramblings here I have probably forgotten someone and if I have my appologies :) I think I lost a few more braincells then usual this weekend due to the heat and liquid refeshments.

Thanks again to everyone involved in this wickedly, awesome and incredible weekend!!!!

Mike "TheHouse" House
The Prez - Explorers ATV Club

Posted by TheHouseWife

Well said "El Presidente"! I agree 100%. Paul Mitchell - you're the BEST! Greg - a big thanks for creating this website that has given us all the opportunity to meet and get to know one another!!

It really was an amazing weekend! What a FABULOUS group of people!

I would just like to add my thanks to Trisha, Ann and Phoenix and her gang for helping me with our little secret event!

I think Singleton (Cal) deserves a thank you too for donating several prizes and for helping out behind the scenes!

Thanks to Treds (Jim) for taking care of arranging for the porta potties (even if they were smelly) and for bringing up all the supplies for our Explorers "Hot Dog" event!

Thanks to Badger (Tom) for cooking up the deep fried turkey and wedge fries and for making the Explorers jacket that I LOVE!!

I have to say it was pretty cool to see all those people around the camp with our cool Explorers T-shirts and hats! They're pretty sharp looking alright! Thanks to Chuck for doing such a great job on them!

Hopefully I haven't forgotten anyone!

I can hardly wait for next year!

aka (TheHouseWife)

Posted by R.Tosh

Hey Everyone!

I agree 100% with all of you, I had TONS of fun. Thank you everybody for making this event happen. Its also nice to be able to put names to faces now also. Thanks to Greg for creating Quads.ca and creating so many new ATV buddies (and new friends) for everybody. Thanks to GVP and Sea to Sky Motorsports for the shirts and rides. Thanks to all of you who donated the prizes. And a very thank you to TheHouse and Housewife for giving me the "Explorers" branded hat and t-shirt. Thanks to everyone even just for being there!

I am going to work on some kind of advertising out here in the Kootenays to promote Quads.ca, and hope there are more people at next years event from the Kootenay area :)

Thanks everyone, see you ALL next year at Larson Hill (if not sooner and someplace else)


Posted by Blockshop

As a first year rider and attendee at this event I cannot stress how much I enjoyed myself and that this has to be the most friendly and accomodating group of people I have ever met. The hospitality was second to none and the ease of introducing and meeting people was unheard of. In other events I have attended in the slo-pitch world the ease of meeting people is not even close. It was great to put some faces to the board names such as Greg, Paul, RiverRider, Bambam, Treds and TheHouse and TheHouseWife(by the way two of the nicest people i have met in a long time), Jeannie(who must have passed back and forth by our motorhome about 100 times saturday night), Tremel who I met on a ride a few weeks ago(awesome rum drink by the way), Glenlivet and others who I probably met but didnt get the board names from. Many thanks to Dan and Terry who led on the ride to Lilly Lake and Thynne mountain and showed me what I and my machine was capable of even if I didnt know it. The helpful riding tips from the group I rode with both days was invaluable and will help me get better as I learn more. Thank to the sponsers and organizers of this event with who it would not be possible to be such a success. Thanks for the gas money which was totally unexpected since I am usually not that lucky. In closing I would just like to say that this was a first class event all the way and I cant wait to attend again and hopefully come a day earlier in order to meet more nice people and explore the area better. Two days was clearly not enough.

Kevin from Vernon...

Posted by Greg

Hi everyone,

I have a few thanks of my own!

Thanks to all of you for showing up at our little event. Especially those who travelled a long way, such as Richard Bygrave and family from Fort St John (damn good thing btw, which will be explained in the Larson Hill Stories section), Robbie Tosh from Nelson area, Cheifman and family from Victoria, and of course the Washington Adventure Quads crew. I did spot a quad with an Alberta license plate on it, but I don't think I met its owner.

Thanks to the trip leaders, for showing the newcomers some of the trails, and for refreshing the memories of those of us who couldn't remember exactly where everything was.

Thanks to all of the businesses, clubs, and individuals for donating the door prizes.

Thanks to Sea to Sky Motorsports in Langley for bringing up some Polaris quads for us to test. Thanks to Greater Vancouver Powersports for bringing up some Can Am quads for us to test.

Thanks to Paul Mitchell for his great organizational skills, Bentwheel for setting up the kids events (and for his blender slushie concoctions), Treds for organizing the porta-potties, Ann and Trisha (and whoever else was involved) from the Outback Club for creating the fantastic ATV piñata, Singleton and others for their support work, the ladies and girls for working that special event, the Outback club for hosting the nightly parties, and the Explorers club for the hotdog BBQ.

And a very special thanks to Highcountry for doing all the cooking for me.

I hope I didn't leave anyone out; I'm pretty tired right now.


Posted by Treds

Outstanding perfomances by all involved! Participants, dealers and the organizers!!

A very special thanks to Highcountry for feeding three weary & formerly lost quad riders (OK it was Wow-wee, Gerry and myself) who stayed out a little later than they should have and were extremely grateful for a nice meal after a 192km ride in the very hot weather (110 degrees in the sun, 97 degrees in the shade).

Another special thanks to the folks (dunno who they were, they had quads so obviously they were cool :) ) at Murray Lake who gave us a couple of gallons of gas to complete our days adventure.

Bentwheel - DUDE you rock!!!! We gotta play some more!!

Greg - thanks for making this possible through this site!

Paul Mitchell - Thank you so much for the "Event of the Summer" and your amazing and tireless efforts to get this thing done!!!

If you weren't there this year, book your holidays now for next year. It's a event not to be missed!!!


Posted by RBygrave

Just have to say thanks to all the people who made this such a wonderfull trip. Lloyd is still talking about it and will be for years. Not quite back home yet so just a short thank you for now.

Richard, Shawna and Lloyd.

Posted by Bentwheel


Hands down the last four days are going to be kept in my top ten list of things that have happened in my life that are absolutely amazing!!!!

I had a good feeling from the moment we pulled in. Singleton and Paul helped us sort out our campspot and helped get us settled. and then I had a country CD on and Darci came by and said she could be my friend cause I liked country music. :)
The Svendson family from Kamloops had been camping there for the previous four days and when they learned of the group coming, had chosen to pack up and head to another spot for the weekend. Someone approached them and asked them to stay. They decided to stay and then went so far as to re-arrange there rig so it took up a 1/4 of the space they were using, so more people could get in there.

Roughcountry was kind enough to lend himself, chainsaw and truck to the firewood gathering, it seemed to take us forever to get a bit of wood it was soooo hot. That truck got used a few times over the weeked. With its big deck and ramps (aka - ladders)

This little guy named Lloyd was there with his family from Ft St John, he is the most polite little guy I have ever met. My hat is off to you Lloyd, you sure brighten up an area when you are around.

I'm so lucky to have friends like the Penrose family. They are tireless in their efforts to make sure everyone has the best time they can. I know by the effort they put into Outback that they give of themselves freely and often, with NO request for reward other than to see people have a good time. I am truly proud to get to hang out with this bunch.

Greg you are a real trooper when it comes to taking crap and abuse, I know you must be expecting trouble everytime people come running for you to participate in some scheme around camp. My personal favorite was the soaking you got at the piñata on Saturday.

Paul Mitchell also got a little wet at the piñata too, he wasn't expecting it so that made it even better.

I even cracked a tear when I watched Ben (one of the kids there) come over to Lloyd long after the piñata was done and gave him some more of the candy he had found in the ATV carcus that was left. No one around to see I just happened to notice it go down. He wasn't the only child that did this with him, lots of kids gave him some of the loot they got. Cool hearts are growing up in these kids.

There is lots to tell so I won't hog up the story corral anymore.

Yes Yes I have some new best friends and I'm a happy Blender Boy.

Thank you for making Nathan and I feel so welcome.

Posted by Melissa (RiverRider's better half)

I hope it is ok that I wanted to come on site and say a big THANK YOU to everyone who put this wonderful event on.

Thanks to Paul M as well for not putting the special sauce (heh heh) on my hotdog that the young lad from the States got for me.

Thank you to everyone making us feel so welcome especially little Richard and the SHAGSTER.

Kev always says how nice everyone is and I finally got to witness this myself first hand. It is just amazing to know that there are so many great wonderful people out there this club and the sister club has. I look forward to upcoming events with the Explorers.

Thanks again so much
aka River Rider Rider.

Posted by Outback

Fun was had by all, and we can’t wait to do it all again. Outback ATV Club would like to thank Greg for creating such a wonderful site to keep us all in touch and able to have awesome events like this, Quads.ca rules, also Paul, Darci (TheHouseWife), Mike (TheHouse), Bruce, and Cal (Singleton/parking police) for planning this event.

Thanks to our own Tremel (Bentwheel/blender boy) for helping us pull off the piñata, also for creating the kids' ball race, and the endless slushies. And Tremel on Sunday we were kinda feeling sorry for you, ya didn't look like you were feeling good but you should've cut off the drinks when we told you to and maybe you would've felt a bit better. lol.

Good job to Greg riding the little 90 quad while pushing the ball.

Thanks to a special little boy named Lloyd who inspired us all. It was priceless to see his face when Tremel gave him the Larson Hill/Explorers shirt. :)

Thanks to everyone that showed up and anyone who we may of missed as there were so many people there.

Thanks to all the people who made the Outback members feel at home.

Good people, good times, and lots of awesome memories!

Aside from the scorching heat we had a BLAST. And we CANT WAIT till next time!

Posted by Paul Mitchell

Where do I start? --- You people, ALL 150 of ya including the great kids, are the most awesome, coolest, fun-loving and well-behaved gang I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with. Outback -- you guys ROCK -- you put an event that was a success up to a whole new other level. I don't think there was one kid that wanted to go home after having all that fun at the races and then on to the piñata. Parents you can be proud of your children. I know there were several of us there that were close to tears watching those kids pick up and sharing with our little buddy Lloyd so he would have a enough! Ann, Roy, Trish and Pricilla, the time you put into this paid out in spades! I can't thank you guys enough for all the fun you provided to us!

Bentwheel/Tremel/Slushy Man -- Dude, you are a treasure. We were so fortunate to have you there and words can't do justice for the extent of your contibution to this event.

There are lots of memories that I will have such as getting a Corona - with lime - delivered to the middle of the river by Joe after cooking hot dogs all afternoon in that heat. Watching Ian and Duane assist Slushy Man Saturday night as mix, booze, pop and ice were donated from many different RV's so the party could carry on. I could go on and on but will save it for a trip report.

There were some that could not make the event and you were missed. And there were new faces that are now new friends and we hope you come back again.

And lastly -- Lots of folks came up to Greg and myself and said what a wonderful job we did but you know what, it was you guys that made the weekend; we only set the ground-work. You guys took what was offered and made it happen and you should all know that you are part of the success that it was.

Explorers -G reat work All of you.

Mike and Gerry - thank you for bringing your products for us to try out and sharing in the fun.

Posted by Phoenix

I had a blast. We all need to get together again ASAP. I would like to thank everyone that was involved with this event and made it so much fun. Thanks to Greg, Paul M, Bruce, Darci & Mike, Tremel (I loved the "kids" slurpees), my grandma (Ann) & my aunt (Tricia) for making the piñata that all the kids and kids at heart (Paul and Greg) loved destroying. Thanks to everyone else who made this event a success.

Thanks to RiverRider for splashing Shauna and me when we were "trying" to stay dry floating down the river, it was refreshing and somewhat COLD.

Thanks to Darci for getting up at 1 in the morning (sorry about waking you and Mike up) to give us the stuff from her trailer. Thanks to the person (sorry I don’t know your name) who put up with us annoying you all evening (hope that wood burnt well... lol).

Thanks to Tremel for letting me spray you with the water gun (now we are even). Also for for creating that kids game... it was tons of fun and as you could see we just couldn’t get enough.

Greg for the awesome PINK quads.ca stickers and the “Roll over club” sticker.

Thanks to everyone that put up with us kids splashing you in the river even though a few of you threw us in (Greg, Tremel, and RiverRider).

Thanks to Kelvin for letting me tag along on the ride to Thynne Mtn on Sat.

Thanks to Bruce and Paul for leading the rides (day and night) to Thynne Mtn.

Thanks to Shelly for all the cookies after the swims.

Thanks to the people from Washington for providing us with some entertainment after the night ride (it looked so cool driving in and seeing a movie).

Thanks to Paul also for putting up with us kids when we built that huge fire.

A big thanks to Lloyd for putting smiles on all of our faces and for hanging out with us at the river. It was priceless to see his face when he won that toy dirt bike; he came running over so proud to show us the cool toy he got.

Thanks to (as Darci said it) my little "gang" for helping me drum up support for the event..... Good Job!

Thanks to everyone who donated the prizes and to all the dealers that showed up.

Thanks to Sea to Sky for letting me test out the 500 Sportsman even though I wasnt 16.

It was tons of fun, especially all the late nights (I don’t know how many more nights I would've lasted staying up till 3 am or later and getting up at 7 in the morning). This morning I slept in until 12:30pm cuz I needed to catch up on some sleep.

Greg I felt so bad for you Saturday night...just seeing you there by the fire with your eyes half open....we added up how many drinks you had and it was 10...and you ran off the the bushes 8 times..dont know how you managed to stay up till 4 am.

Okay I guess I should save some stories for everyone else.

I can’t wait till we all get together again. Next year is just too long to wait so we all HAVE 2 get together sooner.

Priscilla (aka Phoenix)

Posted by Looper

Where do I start?

Possibly by saying that life is funny, you just never know what is around the next corner. I would like to say that by hooking up with everybody at Larson this past weekend is one of the best holidays that we have had in years. Everyone that we met there were just liking seeing old friends, but it was the first time we had met. I would very much like to thank Paul and Greg for inviting and encouraging us to stay and then help us fit in. Good stuff! Ian & Nancy, Real cool!! Sorry about my dog. Like to thank Dan & Terry (the Human GPS team) for the fantastic ride to Lilly and beyond. By the way Dan did your GPS fail as the others did. Just a point to ponder. Best ride I HAVE EVER BEEN ON. And real nice bunch of people to ride with. Our trip that was led to Davis lake and to Thynne by Paul was awesome. Lost a few pounds to the mosquitos. As I had mentioned earlier it was GREAT. Thanks for the good times and laughter and my boys cant wait to go again, that means it was GOOD. Please keep in touch, and we are more than anything, impatiently waiting to see you all the next function. Oh and by the way Richard, which one were you, Thelma or Louise? haha. I think you were Thelma!! Water for sure next year!!

We cant say enough . Thank you to ALL!!!!!

Duane, Terri, B,T,K,T, Svendson

Posted by Badger

I feel like I am at the OSCAR'S. All kidding aside the event was my first and certainly not my last. My boy went on over drive from the moment he woke to the moment he fell into bed at night. I met countless new firends and had some good laughs (right Canucklehead?)

I would like to thank Paul Mitchell for working so hard to make this event happen. There is a lot of background work that takes place to make it run so smooth. Also for making us feel at home with the Explorer's club. I brought a friend with me on the this trip and he was so impressed with the attitudes of the members of the Explorer's that he is joining the club along with his son.

I would also like to thank Bruce for coming to the rescue along with Ed and fixing Ben's flat tire. The look on Ben's face when we pulled the quad off the toy hauler with a flat tire was heart-breaking.

Ed you rock. Thanks for the brewski's and the friendship. It was a pleasure sharing this experience with you and your family.

Thanks Cal for the use of your helmet while you were away. I had a rare chance to take my daughter out for a ride. Also for taking the time tell me about the GPS. When you get a chance PM me about the specs.

Thanks Joe for the battery boost at the end. I learned to not leave the doors open on the truck.

TheHouseWife for the flour for my cement hush puppies. Mike for letting me pick his brain about his quad and what he has done to it.

Greg - Thanks for making it happen. Again there is a lot of time and effort put into these events to make them happen. Thanks for getting us lost it was an interesting exploration. I wish that I had seen you around the campfire on Sat. I am sure that there are pics floating around somewhere.

The list is endless. If I missed you, forgive me.

I look forward to next year's event and future events with the group.

Posted by Richard

Well, I am completely in agreement with everything all have said. I dont know how you could possibly top the thanks to every one that made this event possible.

It is sooooo refreshing to arrive in a group of people, only knowing a few, and be treated as an old friend. It is also great to catch up with people that I havent seen in 15+ years.

Any who Louise, any time, I am there. And i will have to pass on the H2O as i think I have a reputation to up hold!!!

Tremel, thanks for the foggy A.M.

Thanks again to everyone for making this event one for the history books.


Posted by Lynx9

Next year I'm not going to sneak in at 6:30 AM and drive to the far corner and set up my tent so as not to disturb anybody. NO, No - next year I'm camping right in the middle where all the action was. It was like a carnival atmosphere and everybody was having a very good time. I couldn't quite figure out what was happening around that Outback table though and why it was so popular. Next year I'll know better and line up early with my bottle of gin and ice cubes.

Thanks to Gerry (likes to ride long and fast), Larry ( can still see the whites of your eyes in the bush as you came screaming around the corner only to find myself and Gerry stopped at a broken bridge) and Treds ( ate dust all day long by being last or second last to keep an eye on straggelers). It was the longest, hottest and dustiest ride I have ever been on and not with out some very exciting events. Like Gerry saying we should go up to Cabin Lake are you in - yeh okay it's all new to me. Do we go left or right - Lets go right. What the hell are you guys pointing at! (Treds never did see the large black bear about 20' away). Could you drive closer to the edge. (passenger of a newer 4x4 truck as they try to pass on a very narrow road) as Gerry is already leaning over the cliff. To the frightened lonely camper as we come barreling in to his camp site - we're the beer police, where is it. (jaw drops down as he dosn't know what to think of us. Gerry - Dan said we should go left here it's shorter route ( Okaaaaay). Gerry - lets go this way because it looks like alot of quads used this trail ( Gerry - AKA TONTO says.) After 150km. I don't think we have enough gas - who's got a cell phone! Murrey Lake it is and none too soon. Some generous Quad campers helped us out and helped us with a few tips. (Gerry - that guys was half cut do think we should believe him - like what choice do we have) We found the quad trail off site 64 Road and followed it to a dead end - I'm deflated. Gerry yells over this is called the Look-out - back down the hill following Tonto, another left and we're back on the trail. (damn guys being here before I just know it!) A few more puddles, couple more cows (hey Richard remember the stampede) and then a real road that looks used (call me Kemosabe, now I'm starting to recognize a used trail now). What, you want to follow the pipeline Gerry and leave a well used road!? Treds, I think we're going the wrong way! All I know is that their going and I'm last! (message - shut up and get going Randy) Okay we turn around, find the road again and Treds burns a few donuts as we approach Larson Hill. All tired and hungry, but it was not food I was thinking about since Cabin Lake. I drive up to my truck knowing full well what I would find in that black oven - all my ice had melted and my coveted Corona (only beer I can drink with out an allergy attack) sitting in tepid water, but I'm far too gone to care. I couldn't even bother to look for an opener I just reach for a flat bar and cracked her open. Just one hell of a great ride guys.

Thanks to Kpal, TKO, House and Housewife for feeding me and the generous offer from Highcountry via Greg for your offer also.

Next morning I just laid on my deflated air bed, tring not to move my neck thinking about how am I going to make breakfast and get to the creek without too much pain. Thanks for the coffee and pancakes Kevin and Tammy.

I have to say that the highlight of the trip was when Llyod, whom I did not know, won the first prize in the draw and was beaming from ear to ear. Priceless!


Posted by Highcountry

Where to start... a big round of applause for Quads.ca, The Explorers, Outback and all the folks that attended. You all made it the event of the summer.

Quads.ca rules!

To Greg, thank you for an awesome site and the warm welcome I received right from the start, and your great sense of humor... :)

Paul, thank you just doesn't seem to be enough for all you do, you're the best!

Tremel, where do I start, you rock! I think we’ll all be bringing more ice and ingredients next time... maybe an ice truck would be in order... and to Roy, Ann, Trisha and Phoenix your awesome!

Treds, for the time and effort you put in for arranging the delivery/pick up of the outhouses and the collecting the fees, probably the least memorable but most essential of the jobs...

Duane, Terri, where would I be without the coffee pot repair. So glad you decided to stay, can hardly wait to do it again.

Richard, omg... you're hilarious dude. Between you and Duane I’ve never laughed so much... :)

Paul T for the bungy cord to keep my quad box from losing its contents, and for putting it back on after every break...

Cal for leading the way and always great rides, and finding our way home.

So many people, so many laughs, so little time... can hardly wait 'til next year.

Posted by Gerry

So many people to remember so many people to thank. Thanks to everyone involved. If I can ever remember some of the weekend I'll never forget.

Posted by Kpal67

What can we say, thanks to all involved and that atteneded. It was THE event of the year so far. Thanks to those that stayed the extra day and helped celebrate Olivia's 6th Birthday.

We all had the time of our lives.

Kevin, Tammy, Victoria & Olivia

Posted by Greg

It was really nice having birthday cake and ice cream after a week of camping in 40-degree weather!

Posted by Roughcountry

Hi my name is Ian and I'm a drunk.......... oh wait wrong meeting that's next week..... :)

Where to start Quads.ca thanks for the great site that gets us all together.
Without Greg we wouldn't have a local site to hang around...

The Explorers all of you make the trips better and better. Great work Paul, Mike, Ed, and who ever else I forgot...

The Outback club you sure know how to make people feel welcome.
Roy, Ann, Trisha, Phoenix, Tremel, you sure can get the crowd going.

Tremel, great to have such a good friend and great blender boy, it was fun helping with the blender.

Treds it's a dirty job, but you're the best man for it...
You're the only guy I know that has his own outhouse in his back yard, and has indoor plumbing also. lol

Gerry, you two fisted drinker you kept getting lost from the blender to Paul Mitchell.

Thanks again to everyone for making this event one for the history books.

Posted by Glenn

Had a GREAT time. Thanks to the Mugfords for picking out such a great prize, and a special thanks to whoever (?) donated the winch. Look forward to next year.

Quads.ca donated the winch.

Posted by Cheifman

I just have to add our thanks for the great time. We came up there not knowing anyone and within minutes we were made to feel at home and very, very welcome! We are looking forward to the next Quads.ca get together.

Cheifman... aka Dan, Roxie, Kyle and Shawnee

With comments like that, who needs to write a trip report??

Chris_suzuki300 asked for some stories, so those who couldn't make it knew exactly what they missed.

Posted by Singleton

Chris, the riding was excellent the new friendships were better and the river was a definite bonus. the kid activities just great!!!

Posted by Glenlivet

I had on brand new 6 ply ITP XTR radials, and with 24 Km. on them just outside Brookmere I got a flat! 1/2" wide cut right between the tread lugs right in the middle of a back tire. Good thing I had repair stuff with me and I was on the way in a short time.

Met good people. Put faces to some names. Saw places I hadn't seen before. It's all good.

Posted by Roughcountry

Had a great time....
Damn good thing for the river.... spent alot of time in it.... And now for next year ????????

Posted by Greg

Hmm, I have stories... in no particular order.

On Thursday or Friday (I can't remember), I was playing on rocks, and came down rather hard on one, breaking plates inside my battery, completely killing it (it put out 5 volts at rest and 2 volts under load). The pull-start would not start the quad without a working battery. Got towed back to camp by Claw'd's Polaris. While descending a steep hill-climb, I started sliding sideways as I couldn't descend as slow as Claw'd was and my brakes were locked up. I yelled "GO, GO!!" and Claw'd hit the brakes, turned around, and said "WHAT??" as I tried to not run over the tow strap and hit him. lol When we arrived at camp, everyone ran for their cameras, to capture the Honda being towed by the Polaris! I thought my riding was done for the weekend, but Richard Bygrave from Fort St John had a spare battery, so after some minor modifications to my battery tray I was good to go.

I handed out a few Quads.ca Roll-Over Club stickers to those who qualified. I wouldn't give one to DS650Bomb because he'd never rolled his quad. Well, as he mentioned elsewhere, he joined the club when he powered out on that same hill-climb and rolled it down the hill. I guess he REALLY wanted a sticker! I made him feel worse by telling him that last year, Stacey made it with her little Breeze, with no trouble whatsoever. :) This was after he had just spent a couple of days diagnosing and repairing a carb-related problem, and getting the quad running nice. On the bright side, his wife Honor took a Can Am for a test drive, her very first ride on a quad. She said she enjoyed it. They also brought their Australian Shepherd puppies with them; so cute.

I got to meet Duane, Terry, and family. They had read about the event, and were at Larson Hill previous to our arrival. They were packing up when I arrived on Wednesday, and were going to head out in the morning to meet some friends so they wouldn't be in our way. I told them that they would not be in our way, and that they were totally welcome to stay. They were going to think about it that night. The next morning they informed me that they were going to stay after all, and I know for a fact that they had a great time. You should have seen Duane mixing slushie drinks with Bentwheel, it looked like a scene out of "Cocktail"!

Bentwheel set up a game for the kids, which involved attaching a piece of wood beneath a quad, which stuck a few feet out in front of the quad and had a sponge bolted to the end. The idea was to use this to push a large beach ball across a lot and through a gate at the far end. Two quads were set up, a 90cc and a 200cc. Great fun. Then they wanted me to do it, so I hopped on the 90, checked out the controls, and then carefully depressed the throttle. No movement. Pressed it a little further. The quad still had not started to move. I thought, "How much throttle do I have to give this thing before it starts going? Maybe I'm too heavy for it." Then, "hey, wait a sec..." I turned around, and discovered that Roughcountry had lifted the back of the quad up and the tires weren't actually touching the ground! Bastage! haha Then as I pushed the ball, some bystanders who shall remain nameless caused a bit of interference by moving the ball whenever I got close to it. So my time through the gate wasn't as fast as the kids' for some reason.

Ann (who posts here as Outback), Tricia, and Priscilla, from the Outback ATV Club of Kelowna, made a huge piñata shaped like a 50cc ATV, filled with 40 pounds of candy. Good job! Bentwheel, Roughcountry, and probably some others fashioned up a huge frame to hang it, complete with a pulley and rope to make the height adjustable for various-height kids, and a large tarp on the ground for the candy to fall on. The kids were lined up smallest to tallest, and were each given a few swings with a bat. The piñata soon dropped some candy when one of the kids smashed off one of the tires; a piranha feeding frenzy then ensued as all the kids ran for the goodies! Between swings, Bentwheel did a few trail repairs with duct tape so that all of the kids would get a swing. Then they wanted me to have a go at it, but with a blindfold on. Sure, lemme at it! They put the blindfold on, and spun me around. Somebody said "Spin him around some more!" so they spun me in the other direction. This was just after I drank a couple Coronas, so I was getting a little dizzy at this point. I heard "Are you ready?" and I said "Yes!" and I heard "GO!" and suddenly I got two 5-gallon pails of cold water dumped on me!! Okay, that was pretty funny, and felt good on a hot day (after I got over the initial shock). Apparently, "spin him around some more" was a stall tactic to allow them to run the second bucket down to the river. Now it was down to business. I extended the bat out, and moved it in an arc until I contacted one of the frame supports. I felt the angle of the support so I knew which direction it was leaning towards, then used the bat to find a second support, and again checked out the angle. I moved towards where I figured the center of the frame was located. They thought they'd make it tough on me, and started raising and lowering the piñata as I was getting ready to swing. I could hear the pulley squeaking (ha!) so I knew exactly where it had to be. SMACK! Got it. I whacked it a couple more times for good measure, then stopped, not knowing if it was damaged and wanting the kids to be able to hit it some more. Apparently I had got it good, and the feeding frenzy was on again. Apparently a number of people knew about the water-bucket plan, but I had no clue. There are lots of good photos and a video of this, since for some reason cameras were at the ready! One of the kids said "They're always picking on you!" :)

We spotted a Honda generator sitting outside the Sea-to-Sky Polaris trailer. A few people gave them a hard time about it, so they hid it inside the trailer. I commented "They just wanted something reliable!"

Foreman Rider from the Washington Adventure Quads had a bit too much to drink the first night they arrived; he slept in his truck cab, and in the morning he discovered his door was wide open and there was vomit on the ground. Well, most of it was on the ground. heh! I had a good chuckle at his expense, having never been in that situation. On the ride later that day, he and Ryan headed back to camp to soak in the river as they were too hung-over to be bouncing around on the trail.

Singleton and his Honda rolled into camp with Bambam's Polaris in tow. Photos were taken; payback for the previous day. :) It was some kind of heat-related issue with the fuel. After sitting in shade for a while, the Polaris started right up.

Gerry, Treds, Wow-wee, and Lynx9 had split off from Dan and Terry Bott's trip to Lilly Lake, having elected to go all the way to Cabin Lake while the others returned. Unfortunately, all three of their GPS units experienced a memory wipe at the same time! Hmm, I wonder what caused that... So now they didn't know how to get back! When they were about 1.5 hours late, Dan asked if I could try to raise them as he had heard that I had a high-powered radio, but there was no answer. Around 11pm, when we were thinking about rustling up a search party, they finally rolled into camp, telling a tale of endless trails, low fuel, and mooching gas from some people at Murray Lake. Highcountry fed them a spaghetti dinner, which coincidentally was ready right when they pulled into camp. Nice to not have to cook after a 12-hour quad ride.

Saturday night was the big party night; the music was going, a couple of campfires were lit, and Bentwheel had fired up the blender again, mixing up rootbeer slushies for the kids (and me), and alcoholic slushies for the adults. I had already consumed a beer from Ed, and I figured I'd try one of the adult slushies. Mmm, tasted pretty good; no idea what was in it. I had a couple of Coronas from my stash, then took Gerry's late group down to the Outback Party Central for some of Bentwheel's drinks. Bentwheel had actually given the control over to Duane (if you can call it "control"), and Duane was merrily mixing a little of this, a little of that, a splash of this, oh yeah we need pop too, blend it up with ice and here you go. There was some left in the blender, so I decided to try it. Tasted good, whatever it was! After that, Treds gave me a Long Island Iced Tea, first time for me. I should mention that I am generally a non-drinker, and only drink with friends at ATV camp-outs, and then only a maximum of two coolers or two beers. Yeah. At the campfire, Treds made me another Long Island, but I only drank a bit of it before Richard (who was pretty gooned) knocked it over, and poured the surviving liquid into his own cup. Oh well, I had enough booze anyways. Yep, sure did; my stomach informed me that it had had enough so I quickly ran from the fire and violently heaved a few times, whew, oh wait, not done yet, okay, that's better. First-time experience for me. I drank some water, and started sipping a Ginger Ale that Highcountry had brought over to settle my stomach (after she had a good laugh), then heaved some more. Funny, I could feel that I was impaired, but I didn't feel bad except for a slight acidic feeling in my stomach. Stayed up until 4am, just to make sure my stomach was good as I didn't want to have to rapidy egress from my sleeping bag in the middle of the night should the situation arise.

I led a night ride to the top of Shovelnose Mtn via the intersecting trail, then down through the hole in the bush onto the old ATV trail from the LMATV poker ride of a couple years ago. I took a couple of wrong turns, and ended up travelling all over the mountain. Some suspected I was lost, but I could see the lighter shade of blue-black in the sky so I knew which way was west, and I wasn't overly worried. Richard had a GPS and said we should be back at our first turn-off in a few km's. We eventually popped out at the Brookmere recycling station, then jogged onto the KVR Motorized Recreation Corridor and found our way back to camp.

I led a ride to the same area the next day, but we took a different route and headed towards Davis Lake. Canucklehead took over lead and we soon arrived at the lake. We left the lake in stages, and I was at the back with about six quads including Matt, Canucklehead's son. Well, you know how you're supposed to wait at the intersection for the next quad? Yep, nobody was at the first branch, so we headed right instead of left. We popped out at a well-graded T intersection, and I stopped to figure out where the heck I was. Matt then said "I know exactly where we are! We head that way, (do this, do that, blah blah), and get back on the KVR, and follow it back to camp." Sounded good to me! We followed his directions, and sure enough eventually found ourselves back on the KVR. We soon crossed a FSR that I recognised from last year, so I knew that camp wasn't too far away. One of the kids said "You're getting a reputation for getting people lost!" Hey, I wasn't lost last time, I was exploring. Damn kid. haha

On Saturday I led a day ride to the west-side trails; we got onto the pipline right-of-way, and played on a cow path for a while before it got too overgrown. I was the last one out, and took a slightly different path (the paths were very difficult to see). I was looking down immediately in front of my quad so that I could see the path, and caught a thick branch in the face, which bent the frame of my glasses and hooked my helmet visor, dragging me up over my quad trunk. Oops. Then I got a tire wedged against a tree which angled the tire, preventing me from travelling forwards or backwards. Jason from the Washington Adventure Quads came to my rescue. We then got onto a two-track trail, and followed it to the lookout, and then down through a clearcut on "Goat" snowmobile trail and down to Murray Lake. On the way out, everyone except me spotted a bear in a meadow.

Oh, a certain young somebody from WAQ might have had a crush on a certain young somebody from FSJ. And that's all I'll say about that.

I saw a lot of happy faces on kids and adults this weekend. And that's what it's all about.


Posted by Greg

Oh yeah, the river...

I think it was on Saturday when I finally plunked my chair into the river. I was enjoying the cool water on my feet and legs, trying to keep my shorts, shirt, and chair seat dry. Then I spotted one of Glenlivet's squirt gun prizes at Kpal's chair... I squirted a couple of kids and adults, then the next thing I knew, a full-scale water fight was being waged! haha A few of the kids snuck up behind some adults who mistakenly thought they had immunity, and dumped ice-cream buckets of water on them. I don't think ANYONE at the river had dry clothes. :)


Posted by Blue Eyes

hey i have a quad story for everyone. i ride an older quad so when i started zooming around the sand place and i hear a clunk clunk...then it died. i was like whats wrong? so i starter up again and it does the same thing. i wasnt sure what to do so i just told my dad it was overheating, it seemed pretty hot to me anyways. so i leave it for a day and have fun in the river when we decide to go on a night ride up the moutain. i say why not, hopefully it was just the heat. so i start with everyone else, then as i gain some speed and get about a half of kilometer off the bridge it does it again. so i wait for everyone to pass, then my dad smiley or whatever his quad name is comes. i was like "when i started to go faster it started to make a clunking sound and then it died" so i got to drive the new artic cat (YES) and my dad drove the other one but he couldnt seem to figure out what was wrong with it. so he stops and starts talking to me "just keep it in 4th or 5th gear and dont rev it too high and it should be okay" i started to walk away and was like "there a fifth gear on the quad??" it turns out i was just revvin it too high in 4th or something technical like that. Oh well i am a blonde lol

Okay, bring on the photos!

Mousing over the image will bring up a caption. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge.

We actually arrived Thursday, as did a lot of people. After setting up camp, some of us went for a ride down the trail on the other side of the river. Near the end of the trail (pretty much as far as we could go of course) is where I came down too hard on a rock and broke my battery.

After dinner Bentwheel explained the rules of "Bentball" which he had invented for the kids to play tomorrow, and some of the adults tried it out with varying success.

The campground started filling up fast on Friday. I spent some time greeting people, then went on a ride. Sea to Sky Motorsports arrived on Friday afternoon, and rolled out some of their Polaris demos. It was pretty hot so many spent time soaking in the river, while others hit the trail.

Saturday was the big day! Most had arrived last night, or had shown up first thing in the morning. Claude started the day out by fixing his quad's alignment; apparently it steered better when both wheels were pointed in the same direction. Several groups headed out on their respective rides; there were rides of all sorts to suit all levels of riding skills and age groups.

Thanks to all of the trip leaders.

Saturday late-afternoon after the rides was when Bentwheel introduced "Bentball" to the camp. The original object was to use push a large ball between obstacles using a stick attached to the front of a quad. After some experimentation, he decided that just getting the participants to push the ball through the gate at the end of the course was good enough!

Some of the kids were better at it than some of the adults.

Then it was time for piñata fun! Thanks to the Ann, Tricia, and Priscilla from the Outback club for this wonderful diversion. It was a great "hit" with the kids!

Greater Vancouver Powersports arrived on Sunday morning, and many signed up to take a new Can Am ATV out for a spin. I spent most of Sunday in the river due to the temperature.


I tried taking notes as Paul Mitchell pulled the draw tickets. But he was going faster than I could type, so I probably didn't get everyone. A HUGE THANKS to all of our sponsors, businesses, clubs, and individuals who donated these great prizes, and I am very sorry if I missed you.

If you spot any errors, please let me know.

Blockshop - Gas money
Calvin Parks - $100 gift certificate, hat, and shirt from Sea to Sky Motorsports
Blockshop - Cooler from ?
Glenn - 3000 lb winch from Quads.ca
Randy Links - ATV Safety Course from Jim Moir
Singleton - Halogen light kit from Big Top Powersports
R.Tosh - Soft ATV Rack Pack from JMC Industries
RBygrave - ATV Ramps from Princess Auto
Chiefman - $100 gift certificate, hat, and shirt from Sea to Sky Motorsports
Greg Mugford - $100 gift certificate and shirt from Greater Vancouver Powersports
Goober - Cookmaster from Rona Abbotsford (Pat Richard and Kathy Symonds)
River Rider - $100 gift certificate and shirt from Greater Vancouver Powersports
Don Sperle - Camo helmet from Carter Motorsports
Glenlivet - $50 gift certificate and sweatshirt from Highlite Truck Accessories
Susan LePage - $25 gift certificate, hat, and keychain from Lordco Auto Parts
Carli - Lantern from Singleton
Peter - Honda shirt from Paul Mitchell
Claude - Screwdriver set from Outback ATV Club
Char - $25 gift certificate from Canadian Tire Port Coquitlam
Badger - ATV Safety Course from Jim Moir
Rhino Bob - $50 gift certificate from ATVforLess/Rider's World
Alicia Heard - $50 gift certificate from ATVforLess/Rider's World
Al Hokanson - Tool kit from BCTL500
Richard - $50 gift certificate and sweatshirt from Highlite Truck Accessories
John Field - Gift Pack from BCTL500
Roughcountry - Bungee pack from ?
Tricia Penrose - Chair from Rona Abbotsford (Pat Richard and Kathy Symonds)
Foreman Rider - Honda Hat from Carter Motorsports
Treds - Chair from Rona Abbotsford (Pat Richard and Kathy Symonds)
Indian Joe - Saw from Paul Mitchell
Dan Bott - Lantern from Outback ATV Club
Imrede2006 - Lamp
Gerry - Donated his prize back to the prize pool - thanks Gerry!
Terry Svendson - Fire extinguisher, mug, and shirt from Big Red Fire Protection
Donna - Binoculars from Paul Mitchell
Ds650bomb - Halogen light kit from Big Top Powersports
Looper - Shirt from CR cycle
Sparkplug - Coleman lantern from Brad Franks
Linda Clark - Jean shirt from ?
Mike Skiba - Rope
Roxanne Weeks - Honda shirt from Penticton Honda
Brad Franks - Dust mask from Highcountry
Gabriel LePage - Gin from LarryJJ
Barb Reynolds - Dust mask from Highcountry
Kpal - Vest from Canadian Direct Insurance
Mr Fish - Multitool from Carter Motorsports
? - Air filter spray from Penticton Honda
? - Multitool from Carter Motorsports
? - Camo hat from Carter Motorsports
Roy Penrose - Filter oil from Penticton Honda
Tammy - Paint from General Paint
NewfieGirl - DVD from Washington Adventure Quads
Laura Schmidt - Jacket from Paul Mitchell
Highcountry - Suzuki shirt from CR Cycle
Beerbellly - $20 gift certificate from Ricky's All-Day Grille in Chilliwack
Tammy - Clothing article (I think) from Lindsay Kenny LLP Barristers and Solicitors
Roy - ?
Wow-Wee - DVD from Washington Adventure Quads
Jason Schmidt - First aid kit from Outback ATV Club
Elmer Quidding - Truck anchor points from Paul Mitchell
Jeannie - First aid kit from Outback ATV Club
Bruce - First aid kit from Outback ATV Club
River Rider- DVD from Washington Adventure Quads
Honor - First aid kit from Outback ATV Club
WizardSL - First aid kit from Outback ATV Club
Marlene Cummings - First aid kit from Outback ATV Club
Sherry - DVD from Washington Adventure Quads
TheHouseWife - DVD from Washington Adventure Quads
Greg - DVD from Washington Adventure Quads

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